You are the hero of your own story.

We were taught from our childhood itself to follow some kind of authority. It is not an instinct we are born with. ” We should obey our parents and teachers” tells the society, “We should obey God” tells religions. Everyone loves freedom and preaches to obey authority. It is like we are born free and brainwashed into being a slave. If we retrospect we can find that we are constantly under some kind of authority.

May be the only time we are not is when we graduate from college and is looking for a job. By that time the degree to which we obey our parents is very small and we have not yet joined any job. So here we don’t have to follow any authority. We are on our own. This presents us with a unique opportunity. This can be fearsome but still it will be a great experience. And great experiences make the life worth living.

Just now I noticed that while writing this I don’t have to follow any instructions. I don’t have to limit the number of words, don’t have to write about a particular topic and don’t have a time constraint. And that feels like freedom to me. And freedom presents us with true choices. We have to keep experimenting with different choices until we find the one that resonate with us.

It is like you are going to write your own story from now on. You are going to write your future. I say write a good one while you are at it.


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